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Peggy Timothé & Matt Fels — Minted

Peggy Timothé


Matt Fels

Peggy Timothé and Matt Fels

Please join us for the celebration of our marriage on

Our Story

You know it when you've met your match! Matt, originally from St. Louis, MO, makes Fort Worth, TX his home. Peggy, originally from Brooklyn, NY, makes Dallas, TX her home. They were both stung by the Bumble Dating App bee and will now make a life and a home together!

- - - UPDATE - - -

We have been hearing that some guests are having trouble leaving their RSVP when viewing this website on a phone.

On a phone, the menu symbol is three horizontal lines. It appears at the top of any page on this site. Just tap that symbol to bring up the menu. Please select "RSVP."

If you are still having difficulty, please text Peggy or Matt.

We really hope to see you at our reception, and we also need to hear from everyone who's coming so we'll know where and how to seat - and serve - you!